After growing up in the restaurant industry, Tom and Anthony Roberto branched out on their own.

Their father and uncle owned Casa D’Oro. The fine dining restaurant was famous in Niagara for 48 years before closing Oct. 2011.

The brothers switched gears and opened their own casual-style restaurant, Strada West, located at 7805 Lundy's Lane inside the Mulberry Centre plaza.

“We wanted a more local-type restaurant,” said Anthony, 42. “There are enough restaurants in the tourist district to go around. That industry isn’t steady, there are a lot of ups and downs.”

Strada West opened April 2013 after nearly a year of planning. In keeping with the family’s tradition at Casa D’Oro, food is prepared in house. “We make our own pasta, sauce, hamburger patties, meatballs,” said Tom.

The menu features speciality burgers and sandwiches using bison meat, lamb, lobster and veal. Pasta dishes include fettuccine, gnocchi and ravioli.

Strada West also features a variety of wines, cocktails and domestic and imported beers. Prices range from $8 appetizers to $18 linguini pescatore.